An Unforgettable Experience

My wife and I live in London with our two pugs, Victor and Hugo both of whom are one and half years old. Intrigued about Colette’s work, we called her seeking help especially with Hugo who had health issues. We had two sessions with her by Skype in which, thanks to her gift that permits her access to the Akashic Records, she helped both dogs with all their pressing problems and desires. She also helped us understand them better which made us bond with them in a new and spiritual way. The experience was unforgettable!

blakelittlewithpapa2-300x225The sessions helped us uncover our dogs’ true personalities. Hugo, the runt of the litter, is a slow learner and a little withdrawn. He’s an old soul, very sensitive. Victor is a young soul, so he’s the outgoing one, very upbeat. They had many messages to convey, especially in terms of diet and health. We completely changed Hugo’s food and gave him interactive toys to play with. We’ve seen noticeable improvement – Hugo really seems so much more settled. They’re clearly doing better physically and emotionally.

This simple, clear method to both listen to and feel our dogs in subtle, important ways was genuinely impressive. We feel like more of a unit now with our dogs and we can appreciate them for who they truly are. We’re incredibly grateful to Colette for this. In fact, we are planning to have individual and couple sessions for ourselves very soon.

Charles K. Hara


Animal Communication Supports Psychotherapy

Colette St. Clair has great talent and skill as an animal and spirit communicator. I have been impressed and astounded by the ways in which her insights and the accuracy of her information mirrors and supports my own assessment and treatment for a client, leading to greater understanding and healing. I highly recommend her professional and sensitive work.

Lauren Z. Schneider
M.A. M.F.T., Psychotherapist
Visionary pioneer in Spiritual Psychotherapy


An Investment in Our Health

testimonials10I recently pulled a senior dog from death row and brought her home to live with me and my cats. She wouldn’t eat, was depressed and confused. To make matters worse, my four cats went into hiding. Though I was upset about the situation, I concentrated on giving everyone my undivided attention. Nothing seemed to work at creating a happy environment for everyone, so I contacted a friend who suggested that I speak with a pet psychic and recommended Colette St. Clair. With me on the phone, Colette communicated with all my pets. Diva the dog and Felix the cat were developing health issues not yet noticeable to the naked eye. Colette was instrumental in providing information, which I shared with the vet, and allowed me to seek proper medical treatment for both Diva and Felix. Both pets were hospitalized, but their stay was shortened and their healing process sped up because Colette was checking in with them frequently. The results were noticeable, within days, and I was relieved to find out that it was Diva and Felix’s illnesses that had driven the cats into hiding.

Not knowing, fear, and suffering were replaced by understanding, peace and now –  joy! Hiring Colette was an investment that saved me money, in the big picture, and an experience that allowed me to better understand the true nature of everyone of my pets.

Thank you Colette; I cannot imagine what this household would’ve been like without your assistance.

Donna B.
Palm Springs, 2011


A Transformative Experience

A chance encounter in the street was my initial introduction to Colette St. Clair.

testimonials04I am a believer of divine direction from source, healers, and intuition. However, I was not prepared for the transformative experience the reading brought to my relationship with my beautiful Prince and my relationship to my within.

During the reading Colette shared with me some very in depth and extensive information which only my dog had been privy to. The experience of the session and the information shared opened my spirit and encouraged me to re-connect to myself in ways that I had forgotten. Information presented by Prince, who is the one constant companion in my life, reminded me of parts of me, with his insight, humor and grace. There was a paradigm shift in my relationship with Prince. I have never looked at him the same way since the reading.

Sarah P.


Helping Our Cat Grieve a Loss

With Colette, you don’t just hear from her what your animal is thinking. She actually has the two of you in conversation with one another, which is a tremendous gift for me. One of my cats had passed on and my other cat, her sister, Sadie, was grieving very deeply. Her behavior had changed – it seemed her whole being had changed.

testimonials03I was able to talk to Sadie directly and find out how sad and angry she was at this loss. In addition, she was terrified that she had the same cancer that killed her sister. With Colette’s help, I reassured her. We had (and have had since) very profound conversations about death and other issues that concern her. Sadie has become calmer and happier, and I have gained so much from my conversations with her. I definitely check in with Colette from time to time about my cat. I love being in such deep conversation with her, and have learned that she sees me and my life very astutely (in ways that are not always comfortable to hear). I like that about Colette, too; she doesn’t just make nice, she says it like it is. She’s is an extremely gifted intuitive with animals, and she is also able to relate to people in a clear and helpful way. Because she has such a great sense of both the animal and human realms, I wholeheartedly recommend her work.

Nancy W., Psychotherapist, Los Angeles, CA


Before He Leaves, Our Dog Fulfills His Purpose

I met Colette at the vet’s and was impressed with how the animals gravitated towards her, so I hired her to help me with my dog Tyler who had cancer. He was given 30 days to live, but he told Colette he wasn’t ready to go. With her guidance, Tyler lived another 18 months. They were precious and life-changing times.testimonials06

It was comforting to know everything Tyler was thinking, feeling and needing. He knew me intimately and wanted to witness me taking better care of myself; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Inspired by him, I did.

Tyler also said he wished his Dad, my husband, open his heart. My husband didn’t believe in animal communication at first, but with Tyler’s help he did open up and that lead to a beautiful transformation in our relationship.

When Tyler felt he had fulfilled his purpose, he was able to go on his own, just the way he wanted.

Colette has genuine love and compassion not just for the animals but also for their people. She truly is their voice.

Debbie C.


We Can Both Ride Free

I’m amazed, astounded, enthralled!

horseMy horse Rocky was lame and had lots of little ailments that just wouldn’t clear up with traditional medicine. The vet had been treating his legs but Rocky told Colette that the problem was with his back. When the vet checked, sure enough it was a back spasm that was causing his problems. Now my vet is a believer.I’m also touched at how concerned Rocky is about me and my well-being. He let Colette know that he couldn’t run as freely as he wanted to because I was leaning to the right and my hips were out of balance. He was scared that I would get hurt if he let himself go full out. Both my trainer and I were aware of my leaning but once I heard the effect it was having on Rocky, I went into treatment for myself to remedy this so that we can both ride freely and harmoniously.

Barbara B.


Our Dog Helps Us Through a Family Crisis

I wasn’t convinced that Telepathy or Animal Communication was possible, let alone done remotely, cross-continent. But my dog Tara was clearly depressed and I needed to understand why before resorting to medicating her. After speaking with Colette the first time, I knew I had to give it a try. I thank God for helping me in that decision. That experience was not only an awakening; it was one of the most moving events of my life.

With my permission, our dog Tara shared with Colette all her heartfelt concerns about our family. We were going through a crisis at the time, and I was not only amazed at how in tune Tara was with the dynamics, but also that she had good advice to offer me personally. Through Colette, Tara even helped me understand why my son was misbehaving. My life was changed.

This brought me new meaning to the phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend” and it gave Tara the clarity and relief she needed.

I’m also grateful that there are people like Colette in this world. She has a heightened level of understanding and compassion, and was very gentle when it came to discussing my family’s private and sensitive issues.

I highly recommend that anyone who loves their pet or family find a Colette; that love will never be the same!

Sue S., London


Reconnecting With an Old Friend I Thought Was Gone

Colette’s skill as an animal communicator helped me contact my dearest pet, Johnny, who had died suddenly from an unexpected illness. She made me feel an immediate connection again. To hear personal information confirming that this was indeed my animal companion, was astonishing.

testimonials07Colette helped me complete the grieving process and gave me an opportunity to speak to my best friend again.

Thank you.

Paul O.


Not Ready to Leave Just Yet

I should share with you that I do not consider myself a “New Age” person and I was definitely skeptical about telepathy with animals. But my skepticism was before Colette’s first conversation with Bear. When my husband and I were in a disagreement over whether or not it was time to have our beloved “puppy” put to sleep I was referred to Colette. At that time, Bear was 13 years old and seemed to be suffering greatly with osteoarthritis. In our conversation with Bear, he recalled an incident only my husband, Bear and myself had been present for.

I was overwhelmed. Throughout his life, I talked and confided to Bear, and there were many moments when Bear would look at me so intently, that I knew he understood; but through Colette, we were now actually asking and answering each other’s questions.

Bear was definite that he was not quite ready at that time, to pass on. Colette, Bear and I spoke approximately five times over six months. During that time, Bear communicated his life journal (his legacy for my two young children); and Colette helped guide him – and me – through the process of letting go of this life and awaiting the treasures of the next. We’re very grateful, thank you.

Grace B.


 Clear Communication Saves a Trip to the Vet

Working with Colette has not only influenced my animals’ lives but mine. Knowing what they are thinking and feeling has deepened my connection to them. When I think that something is not quite right with them, I ask Colette to talk to them and it eases my anxiety about their health to know what’s really going on.

Colette has saved me many trips to the vet. My Labrador Jackson has a habit of eating indigestible objects and ending up in the hospital to have them surgically removed. One day he had all the usual symptoms but this time I called Colette before I headed off to the hospital. He told her that he had not eaten an object at all, but had been poisoned by eating fertilizer that the gardener accidentally left outside. With the help of some simple holistic remedies, we cleaned out his system and got him back on his feet without putting him through the discomfort of a trip to the ER. Now I always call Colette first!

Janine Milne, Los Angeles



A Peaceful Old Age

I never believed in animal communication until I met Colette. She helped me understand and assist my sweet golden retriever Miss Katie. It was because of Colette that Katie enjoyed a peace filled, happy and fulfilled old age.

Since she passed on, Colette has continued to communicate with her. It comforts me to know that she is in a happy, peaceful place and to have confirmation that the bond of love between us is still very much alive. I am forever in Colette’s debt

Regina Leeds, Professional Organizer and Author
California, November 2006


How Well They Know You

horse2Having Colette speak to the animals in my life helped me understand how deep the connection we share truly is and how it continues even after the animals have passed. It was surprising for me to find out how much intimate knowledge these creatures have of me, details and events I did not share with many people. Samson, a horse I care for regularly, knew everything about me on every level and Colette was able to translate for him. I was amazed at how much these spirits know about my health and how concerned they are for my happiness and well-being. They truly are guides and protectors, souls that share this journey with us and make it all the more worthwhile with their love, care and devotion.

Colette is a gifted and knowledgeable telepathic communicator. She is a healer in her own right.

Antonella S.


Not Ready to Open Her Heart

When my cat Mo was in the hospital for a couple of nights, Colette talked to him and was able to reassure me that he felt better, was well taken care of and liked the people there. After Mo passed away, I brought home a rescue cat – Sammy. Sammy didn’t really hit it off with my other cat Sadie. In conversation with the cats, Colette found out that Sammy didn’t really want to stay with us knowing that Sadie wasn’t ready to open her heart. It was too soon after Mo’s passing for her to welcome another animal into the house.

Sending Sammy away was a hard decision for me to make, but now he couldn’t be happier. Without Colette I would still be struggling to make an impossible situation work and upsetting two cats that I love. I really appreciated that Colette told me the truth, rather that what I wanted to hear.

Colette’s heart is in the right place. She always tries to find out how she can make things better for you. She responds quickly in a crisis. She has helped many of the rescue cats in our Animal Sanctuary especially those who have been abused. She quickly gets to the heart of what’s going on with them and those insights help us to handle them in a way that respects their feelings.

Lynne Shaw, Santa Barbara Animal Rescue


A Difficult Surgery Made Easier

I had known Colette for about 3 years, as a friend, a colleague and as my own animal communicator. I had seen her do some incredible work with others and was very impressed with her abilities, so when my 7 month old Andrew needed surgery, of course I asked Colette to help.

I asked Colette if she would prepare Andrew for the surgery: in other words, explain what we were going to be doing, what to expect and to know that we would be there for him and of course take him home as soon as possible. I didn’t want Andrew going to a strange place, with strange people, let alone think we were abandoning him. This is very important, as most animals have no idea why we leave them. She communicated everything to him and he seemed to understand and feel confident, which in turn comforted me.

The morning of the surgery Colette joined me at the hospital. We sat in the waiting room and she communicated with Andrew from the beginning of the process to the end. It was amazing! She would tell me that he wanted music, we would tell the staff and they would take care of it.
He would ask questions and she was able to comfort him. At the end of the surgery, he told her he was cold and the staff took in heaters. She continued to speak with him throughout the night, comforting him, telling him where I was, when I would be able to see him and how much he was loved.

Knowing what Andrew was thinking, how he felt physically, and that Colette’s communications kept him stress free was such a huge comfort to me. I also feel that it helped him to pull thru the surgery successfully and heal quickly. I have seen many positive uses of Animal Communication and I feel this is one of the most important ones. Letting an animal understand a process without fear, without abandonment, without future issues to tend to, that’s priceless. This service should be available at every animal hospital for clients to utilize.

I thank Collette for her compassion and love for the animals and especially for being there for us when we needed her.

Becky Starr, West Coast Manager
Animal Wellness Magazine


They Were Just Trying to Protect Me

From the minute that Colette stepped into my house, I knew something special was happening. My two dogs –– C.P. and Puddles –– always bark and hop in excitement anytime someone enters. But this time, after an initial second of excitement, they both just stood stock still. Really, from the instant that Colette made eye contact with them, they were rapt. After nearly a minute of silence, Colette started translating. She told us many fascinating things, but some downright invaluable that I’d like to share.testimonials08

I needed to find out why Puddles was acting with increasing aggression towards children. To my astonishment, Puddles replied that kids were a source of irritation and discouragement to me, so why would they not be to her? Puddles felt she was protecting me from children by frightening them away. A teacher of nearly thirty years, I have been unsuccessful trying to re-career for the past seven. And yes, I felt very irritated and discouraged about it. Colette then gave me guidance on how to remedy this problem.
Colette’s accuracy was again demonstrated when I asked her to ask C.P. why she was suddenly unable to jump up or run. Colette reported that C.P. was extremely worried about me because I was so sad. She was afraid that I was sick and might leave her. Colette asked C.P. how she felt physically, and C.P. answered that she was very bloated and was unable to move her bowels. Again I was astonished, but a little doubtful as well. I’d hit clinical depression after the 2004 presidential election, so the first part was right on. But I had a hard time believing that mere constipation could render an active dog practically immobile. Colette reassured C.P. that I was not sick and wasn’t going anywhere, and recommended we take her to the vet. The next day, our vet confirmed Colette’s words. C.P.’s severe constipation had rendered her immobile.

All in all, I am so very happy that Colette is now in my family’s life. She has given me many insights on both animal and human well-being, and is a rare person who can create a bridge between both worlds.

Melanie S.


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