STEP 1: Introduction
Once you’ve read the Benefits page and a few testimonials, the next step is a 10 minute, no-strings-attached phone conversation to determine if I’m the right Animal Communicator for you and your pets. I address your needs and expectations, answer your questions and explain how I can be of service. It’s important that you feel confident about the process so you and your pets can feel safe and comfortable to communicate.


STEP 2: Setting an appointment
It’s very important that we set a time that does not interfere with your pets’ daily routine such as feeding, walking or play time. This will insure that they feel at ease and more present to chat with us. To accommodate you and your family, I offer daytime, evening and some weekend appointments. Payment arrangements are agreed upon at this time.


STEP 3: Preparation
48 hours prior to your appointment, I ask that you email me the following information for review:

  1. Your full name, address and phone numbers.
  2. The first names of all family members who are in close contact with your pet.
  3. The first names of other important figures in your pet’s life, e.g. housekeeper, pet sitter, trainer, etc.
  4. Your pet’s name, nickname, age and how long s/he has been with you.
  5. A brief account of your pet’s history as you know it, including any physical or emotional traumas s/he may have endured.
  6. Any diagnosed or suspected illness your pet is experiencing.
  7. All the questions and concerns you’d like to discuss in our session.
  8. A photo of your beloved animal where the eyes are clearly visible.


  • You have the option to chat with more than one pet in each session.
  • Talk to your pets informing them they have a new friend, Colette, who’ll be translating for them – they like to be prepared as well!
  • If we’re going to be chatting with a pet that has passed on, all that’s required are items 1, 4, 7 and 8 of the above list.
  • In the case of lost animals, I require items 1, 4, 6, and 8 from the above list to get started.
  • Every case is treated differently based on the information gathered from the initial contact with your missing pet.
  • Emergency situations are addressed as promptly as possible, avoiding most of the preparation described above.
  • Given that emergencies take us by surprise, it is recommended that you keep an Animal Communicator’s contact info with you at all times.

STEP 4: The Consultation
Initial consultations may be booked for durations of no less than 60 minutes and up to 90 minutes. Follow up sessions can be in increments of 30 minutes.

Most consultations take place over the phone, thereby avoiding the distractions of the physical realm and respecting your pets’ comfort zone. The sessions are live and interactive, enabling you and your pets to ask questions of each other and chat about anything your hearts desire.