An experienced Animal Communicator can help you build a deeper relationship with the animals in your life – one based on the open and mutual sharing of hearts and minds. Instead of struggling to relate as human to animal, with Colette’s help you can simply speak as friend to friend. This applies to all animals, including farm, breeding, and working animals.

What Colette does is not guesswork or intuition – it is actual translation. It is not merely about “feeling” or “sensing” what your animal is experiencing the way pet psychics work in movies and television. Animal Communication is direct telepathy – from your pet, through the communicator, to you.  It is an opportunity not only to talk to your pet, but to listen to and learn from them as well.

This new knowledge can benefit you and your pets in many different areas:


Disease is often revealed prior to the appearance of clinical symptoms, which allows for preventative action. Colette’s first step is to question the animals about their body from head to toe, checking into every system. She does not diagnose: when there is discomfort or pain, Colette will describe it and quantify it on a scale of 1-10. Together you will learn about your pet’s health from their perspective and this assessment can be used by your veterinarian for a potentially more accurate diagnosis with fewer tests.

Colette will also follow-up with your pet during treatment to find out if their prescription is effective and if it is causing any side effects. This may result in fewer visits to the vet, reducing stress and improving the healing process, both physically and emotionally.


donald_daisyMajor changes in your life need to be explained clearly to your pet and they may have questions to ask you regarding those changes. A move, a separation, serious health issues, loss of a loved one or the arrival of a baby are drastic changes for an animal. Explaining what is going on will minimize the stress of these changes and relieve any confusion they may feel – giving both of you peace of mind.


Whenever communication is compromised, be it between animals or humans with animals, misunderstandings easily occur which generate fear, insecurity or upset. Such emotions in animals may be expressed as lethargy, depression, loss of appetite, and peeing or pooping inappropriately.


Sometimes one pet will manifest such mood or behavior to draw attention to another family member who’s not expressing their problem. If you notice these or similar symptoms, it is vital that you and Colette talk with your pet and find out what is troubling them and what you can do to help them heal.


If your pet is exhibiting unusual behavior such as increased aggression, anxiety, or sudden destructive behavior, there is surely an underlying cause that needs to be examined. Just as with human psychotherapy, addressing the truth beneath the behavior is the first step towards healing it. Animal Communication can give you direct access to your pet’s inner self to find out what is really troubling them.


zanzabarJust like you, your pet has an opinion on everyone they know. Hear from them how they feel about the kennel, the sitters, your roommates, tenants and housekeepers, or the new man or woman in your life and you may learn valuable insights into your relationships which will benefit you as much as them. In particular, you’ll have confirmation that they are indeed receiving the care you expect from those you’ve entrusted them to.


In order to provide your pet with a peaceful transition from this life, we can talk with them about their needs and wishes. Are they ready to make the transition? Do they have any last messages for you or for absent family members or loved ones? Perhaps they have a specific person or place in mind for the procedure.

This is an opportunity to address any fears your pet may have about dying and to listen to their words of gratitude for the life they shared with you. This is also a chance to counsel any surviving pets fearing or grieving the loss of their companion. They too will need your help to understand and accept what is happening and to address their own fears of aging, disease and death. With open communication, we can help you and your pets through this difficult time.


Welcoming a new animal into your home is a major decision for you and the animals involved. If you live in a multiple pet household, an Animal Communicator can help you and your pets discuss the adoption beforehand. Together you can then check the adoption candidate before making the final decision. Repeated attempts at adoption are time consuming for you and heartbreaking for the animals, so it’s best to insure that you are a good match for each other before they move in.


foxyYour pets who have passed on often visit and they wish only the best for you. Reconnecting with them can give you the comfort and closure you deserve. It is an opportunity for you to learn their hopes for you and hear any messages they may wish to communicate.


A Pet Psychic is a useful addition to the training process of any animal because of the clear and direct communication made possible. Collaborating with the trainer and the animal simultaneously can address any physical or psychological obstacles your pet may have to the learning process. They express what works best for them and we bring out the best they have to offer. While this does not replace good training, it supports it by making it an easier, more proactive and pleasant experience for everyone involved.


Often times your pet knows you better than you consciously know yourself. They have watched over you and loved you unconditionally, and have gained a valuable insight into your life. Your pet may worry about you as much as you worry about them and they always want the best for you. This is a chance to hear, from their nurturing hearts, everything they want and may even need to tell you. If you let them, they may inspire you, may amuse or amaze you, but will definitely surprise you and help you.

When we bridge the communication gap with our pets, we find a loving presence that never judges us, never criticizes us, and wants nothing more than to help us find happiness and the true joy of living. Once we begin the discussion, we can remove all the doubt, worry, and confusion we have about our pet’s physical and emotional health. We can save time, energy, and money on health care, training, living arrangements, and all aspects of their well being as we learn to care for them the way they care for us: with heightened awareness of their individual true natures. But Animal Communication is not only about saving money or preventing disease. It is about finding peace of mind. Above all, it is a heartwarming and often life changing experience you will never forget.


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