When your pets gaze in your eyes, do you feel they are trying to tell you something?

Do you talk to your animals because you know they understand you?

Do you usually intuit how they feel, but sense there is more?

Intuition is a form of telepathy, but do you know that with animal communication you could have an actual conversation with your pet?

With the help of a pet psychic, you can. Hard to believe? Read on! 

Animal communication is the mental and extra-sensory language of telepathy that animals use. Telepathy is direct mind-to-mind and soul-to-soul transfer of information. Information is energy in-form, which on the level of telepathy, expresses to the awareness of the Animal Communicator in words, images and/or sensations.

Animals learn early in life that humans are challenged by the limits of spoken language and don’t use telepathy to communicate – but they love us unconditionally anyway.

Our pets do their best to share themselves with us, but what’s it like for them? Being unable to speak clearly with the people they love? Trying to express not just their likes and dislikes, but their concerns or insights?

An experienced Animal Communicator, or Pet Psychic, is someone who speaks the language of animals fluently and who can help you bridge the communication gap – if you’re ready.

Using telepathy, Colette works as a translator between humans and animals, so that you and your pets can understand each other on a deeper level, clearly and accurately, during a live, interactive conversation.

Your pets will love the fact that you’ll get to know them almost as well as they know you!

It is Colette’s role as an expert in animal communication to earn your pets’ trust and relay their messages to you truthfully and in their entirety. She also works to earn your trust and help you experience the emotional, practical, and financial benefits that result from clear communication with your pets.

Experiences of animal communication will inspire you on the Testimonials page.  Or, discover more advantages of working with an animal communicator on the Benefits page.

We tend to believe that we know everything about our beloved companions, but the truth is, there’s a lot more to discover…

Animals are sentient, intelligent, and aware beyond our imagination. Every one of them is a pet psychic! They’re often witty, endearing, and funny. They will inspire and uplift you with their wisdom and insight.

They too want to be appreciated for who they are – whole beings, in mind, body, and soul. Most of all, they want you to know just how much they love you! Animal communication can help them achieve these goals.

Please explore the website and contact Colette with your questions and to determine if she is  the right Animal Communicator for you.

Also please watch the two amazing videos on the About Telepathy page.  They support telepathy and animal communication but more importantly, they will inspire how you relate to your animals and loved ones, both in perceptions or projections.

“Thank you for being an exemplar. You are an exemplar. You’re demonstrating to others, and what inspires me about you, Colette, is that you’re giving your gifts at a very high level and changing the lives of other people profoundly. God bless you for that.” ~Neale Donald Walsch, teacher and author of the book series, “Conversations with God”



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